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Gaming Companies are getting millions of dollars each year

Video games, if we date back to the early 1970s, then we will surely come to know about the first video games that were invented then. But what do they and how come today they are making millions of dollars?

Yes, Video games evolved in the 1970s and have been one of their kind since then. They were invented with a thought that they will be a tool of fun for the kids or teenagers. But the evolution of the smartphone, laptops, tablets, iPads, and internet, video games have seemed to cross all the boundaries today. kings game companyToday if we just have a look and compare the video games with the old ones we will see today they have evolved into the photorealistic graphics for the users and have simulate to such degrees that are quite astonishing at times.

  • There are multi players today in the gaming industry that have launched their games and is making good through their resources. Not only these companies are catering to the kids and teenagers but they have captured the working class as well.
  • According to the industry estimates in 2016, it has been seen that 92% of the players having the tablets, smartphones play the video games at least once in every week, while the 45% of the people plays them on a daily basis that clear explains the revenue model of the gaming industry.
  • And if we talk about the leader in terms of countries in the gaming industry, then it’s undoubtedly is United states in terms of revenue and the total people working in the industry as well. It’s been estimated that the industry was making a revenue of approximately 20.3bilion $ in 2014. And if we see the figures of 2015 of the industry that it is a huge and approximately contributes to 91.5$ billion.
  • Various gaming conventions have also been adding up to the revenues through them, as they have been one of the events that give exposure to the developers in the domain. glu game companyAnd they do give the boost to the new ideas to be generated and supported on the same platforms. The main gaming convention in held at Cologne in Germany which is known by the name of Gamescom, that attracts the major attraction from all over the world.
  • The nations that are known to generate the maximum revenues is in the order of China is at the top and is followed by the America and then Japan.

These figures specifically demonstrate that how the gaming industry has evolved from a scratch to something that is beyond comparison today. And we are very sure in the coming time the revenue will plummet to new heights which will quite difficult to conquer by anyone. And in this quest, they welcome newbies too with the new ideas, to serve the clients with something new on their table. So, with the welcome of technology, we are very sure to serve our admirers with new series and something new explore every day.