Favourites Heroes for kids in 2016

The kids have their own world, they never like going beyond from their surroundings. The kids have a world of cartoon and heroes which they think are like the god to them. They love them like anything, wants to sleep with them, cuddling to their figures, adding comics and wanted to buy each and everything their superheroes wears or uses. There’s lots of kids who adopt the superhero behaviors and do the deeds that make them superheroes today.

Let’s talk about the some of the kid’s favorite heroes in 2016:

  • Vinny Victory: This second-grade boy donated all his hairs to the cancer patient’s treatment and apparently, he is one of the patients himself diagnosed with the disease. cartoon heroesThis year he could able to raise approximately 456,000 $ for his medical costs from all over the world and his family recovery.
  • Khloe: This amazing girl is an inspiration for the kids. She has raised 16,000$ for the homeless people. She rightly proves that no dream is big to achieve. So just believe in yourself. She handed over the socks, soap and the kare toothpaste bags to the homeless and helpless families.
  • Project 365: A kid named Campbell have been for the past three years have been sewing the teddy bears for the sick kids all around. The kids can able to raise 31,000 $ and via sending the teddy bears to the worldwide kids, through the money he bought an equipment to make the moving joints in the teddy bears.
  • Animal Shelter by Cabin: From approximately last three years Cabin have been raising the funds to provide the animal shelters for the stray animals. This is one of the unique and a wonderful idea to treat the animals who doesn’t find the shelter and may die in the bad weather.

These are some of the examples how can a small ray of hope change the world. And the people all over the globe will get aspire through your small steps towards your helping hands. The helping hands can be small but they strong enough trough their ideas and their wills. The kids should be empowered with the things they require so that their creative thinking will get support and they will undoubtedly do good in their life.

The kid’s favorite hero can be any through which they aspire to do good things in their near future, but definitely, it should be somebody who does good deeds selflessly. So, if you find one in your near future do take your kid to meet them in person as they will surely get inspired with their thoughts and ideas. A childhood is the building block of any person, so do create an impression in your child’s mind of a brighter future and by telling the inspiring stories of the kids and make them their favorite heroes. This will surely help in making their vision clear for the future and they will bound to follow the ray of hope which they have received from their superheroes.