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Cool Mobile Games of 2016

Mobile games are loved by everybody today it was one of the child plays in the initial years, but with the coming upon the invention of mobile phones and the internet, today everybody loves to play games. cool mobile gamesThese games have become very handy for everyone, they can play while traveling or in their office breaks as well. It is quite fun to be a part of these games and especially while traveling the time seems to pass like seconds with these games. With the mobiles, you do not need a full set up like in video games or a laptop or desktop, you can have the access to them through your handsets or iPads. In 2016 the year saw the emergence of many games and they have been quite popular in their domains. Let’s discuss them in details:

  1. Severed: This is one of the women-oriented games which revolve around a lady character Sasha, whose family have been taken from her. The game is played by the one-armed army and is based on her search, and is loved by people who love action movies or their replays.
  2. Snakebird: It is one of the games that have been one of the hitters in the charts of games and have been quite famous among the players. The game is filled with many bright colors, which is made up of a kind of goofy art style and off course a bird-snake creature resembling the players in the game. The game is surrounded by one of the extremely challenging puzzles for the players. The snakelike creature keeps on moving around the scenery and spikes to calculate various fruits and they make their body longer at each step and help you in an exit to the next level. And at the next level, another puzzle will be there to welcome you!
  3. Region: This game is quite like Tinder but only for queens and kings. The main objective of the game for you to live, if possible by keeping too high and too lows in all the four stats: Money pot, Army, Church, the will of the people. Start playing to unleash the mystery of the monarchs, dogs and the other creatures along. The game can get weird at various stages, and that is why it’s one of the wonderful among others.
  4. Pokémon Go: The game has made to lot many lists of the year 2016, the people love to take the curtains of a mystery of various poke stops. Today when nobody has the time for themselves or their families the games have pulled everything apart and made the people run around at the gyms, poke stops, parks in the search of Pokémon. It was like the childhood is back again and you are roaming around the trees in the search of your Pikachu.

Have a look at the list, we GUESS you must have enjoyed while reading about them and can download them through respective play stores and unleash their mysteries.