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App review Tear Art

Everybody loves to draw the lines and try to showcase their work in the real time. But it is quite difficult sometimes today in the busy lives. Have you thought about installing any art application in your mobile or handset? Yes, it is possible you can pursue your favorite hobby while traveling through the metro or bus or via train. It is one of the convenient options all through and will be one of the best rides as you go through the various features of the applications while you travel to your work.tear art

Yes, we are talking here about the Tear Art, which not only an art about is a step ahead for you. With the application, you can draw, color and even make your photographs to tear at different locations and make them look different altogether. And it will surely GONNA a lot of fun for you as well, as it creates lots of fun waves while you scratch down the pictures to tear them apart. The users can save their edited pictures or their artworks in their library and surely can share the same in different social networking sites like Instagram. The sharing will surely make your work worth recognition around ad surely you will receive the feedbacks from your peer groups about your creation. Let’s see some of the unique features displayed by the application Tear Art:

  • The application is for everyone from adults to kids and is a quite a simple way to display and save your artworks in original forms.
  • The basic function of the application is to tear and you can avail the same by placing the different images in layers and then tearing them apart to reveal the parts of the other images that are placed below. The faster you swipe through the screen of your handset, the bigger the tear will be.
  • The pictures are also allowed the crop functions to go through so that the entirety of the images that have been selected is included in the squares layer. This function can be used as per your own creativity and innovativeness to create unique images.
  • This application will surely make you remember your childhood days when you use to sit with colors, pens, pencils, erasers and then start your artworks. But here you so not need to bother about anything as you have everything with you in a single click.

The application launched recently have been used by many users and have received good and positive reviews from them. They have shared their experiences of sharing their artwork with their friends through social media and other platforms. The application is quite unique with its tearing feature and you will see the different phases of your pictures in the images created by you, and the other best part of the application is that you can use the image as per your own ease.

So, do give a kick start to your childhood with the application and start drawing and creating your favorite images.